Submitting an article to the Pilgrims Teacher Training Journal?

Would you like to send something in to The Teacher Trainer?

Please contact phil.dexter@pilgrimsttj.com before you write and send in your article with your suggestion.

Please read these guidelines and contact Phil who will send you a style guide for writers we would like you to follow. If you already have an almost prepared article then do send it in though we will likely ask you to redraft based on the style guide.

We very much welcome contributions and If you have an idea that is useful, relevant and interesting to teacher trainers, teacher educators and teacher mentors, why not write it up for us? If you are not familiar with our content or style, read an issue or three of the journal and also go on our web site to read examples of articles that have appeared in our pages.

Our readers

Our subscribers and readers are all over the world. Some have English as their first language. Many do not. They may be trainers of pre-service or in-service teachers and they work in many different settings. This is why a clear structure and clear language are very important in a first draft article. We are not overly academic. Even thoughtful pieces will keep the number of bibliographical references to under ten. And these pieces will contain a section on how the thoughts can be implemented or made to come alive to readers in their own settings


The Teacher Trainer comes out three times a year, but for contributors there are no deadlines as such so there is no need to worry about timing. Articles are printed once they are ready and after they have queued up for a while. There are no special issues, but there are specialised series running in most issues. Examples of these are “News in Our Field”, “Practical Training Session”, “Observation and Feedback” and ‘Interview’. We are likely to also introduce guest edited editions from time to time based on specific themes.

First draft

So, if you would like to send us an article, please write in an accessible, non-academic style. Length should normally be 1,000 – 3,000 words. Send your first draft in double spaced with broad margins. Use headings and sub-headings throughout to make your text easier to follow. Please give a brief bio data, a thumbnail photo and an accurate word count at the end. Make sure your name and contact details appear in both your article and your accompanying email in case the two get separated. Don’t send your article to other publications at the same time as you are sending it to us as we will then not consider it.

Your article will be acknowledged and you will receive editorial comments later on to ensure your text is clear, a good length and makes sense to readers in very different settings round the world.

Photo Images

Please include a photo image with your draft article in the follow format – High resolution JPGs (300dpi) The thumbnails will be approx.  35x22mm

Selecting Articles

We do sometimes turn articles down. If we do this will be because the article is more appropriate for teachers and not for our readership of teacher trainers, teacher educators and teacher mentors.

It may also be that the article is too similar to one already published, about to be published in the journal or has already been published elsewhere.

Sometimes the article may be too long for our pages or rather academic in style for our more practical journal. We also would like to ensure that articles really reflect current global good practice in teacher education.

But wherever possible the editor will work with you to get your ideas in print and once accepted, we will try to publish your article in as soon as possible.

Short articles!

When we are laying out a new issue of the Teacher Trainer journal, we often have a little space left over which may be ideal for short articles! So, if you have a really good idea that you want to share with fellow professionals, and it is very short (under 1,000 words), send it in! It may well help us with our layout. It may also mean that your work gets printed quicker than usual too!


Before your article is published in the Teacher Trainer journal or on the journal web site, we will ask that you formally assign copyright to The Education and Training Company Limited, which owns the Teacher Trainer Journal.

The Company’s owning the copyright means that you must ask us for permission to reprint any part of your article elsewhere. Requests for permission should be sent to The Editor of The Teacher Trainer Journal. We will usually grant permission for authors to use material from published articles in talk handouts and elsewhere provided that a line is included prominently on each page saying that the article was first published in The Teacher Trainer journal and giving the volume and issue numbers, date and page numbers of publication. Your article may be re-printed occasionally by, for example, teacher education organisations in other countries or in low-circulation, national, teacher or trainer newsletters.

Please contact me if you would like further clarification

Phil Dexter Editor, The Teacher Trainer