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I am very pleased to welcome you to the second edition of the new digital Pilgrims Teacher Training Journal. In this issue, we have a strong international representation reflecting an important ethos of the journal: we can understand and learn about good practice from different contexts and share that experience based on evidence from our different realities. We are attempting to develop a global understanding of best practice in teacher education while also understanding that implementation will always be applied in local context and reflect local realities. Our different realities in this edition are situated in a number of countries – Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Poland, Hungary, France and the UK.

For this issue, The Teacher Training Journal continues to be free to access, as is the whole digital archive going back to 2006. We are keeping a few recent editions on the website homepage, with the rest of the archive available through the website when you access the flip book version. Of course, if you are reading this, you will have already accessed the flip book!

We hope you find this issue, as always, content-rich, engaging and exciting. We hope, too, that it will inspire you to continue a relationship with the journal. As mentioned in the last edition, nothing remains the same. The Pilgrims Teacher Training Journal will be returning to a subscription magazine in 2022. The details will be available on the homepage of the website https://pilgrimsttj.com shortly and we hope you will subscribe and support your quality teacher training journal so we can ensure that best practice is shared widely across the world. As always, we welcome contributions for the journal, and these can be sent to me at phil.dexter@pilgrimsttj.com at any time for future publication. Please contact me for further information and details are also available on the website.

Once again, I hope you enjoy this edition and look forward to your continued support for the journal and your involvement in all of the teacher training and teacher education activities that Pilgrims offers.

Our purpose for The Teacher Trainer journal is to engage fully with new innovations in teaching and learning through our website, social media and linking up directly with a  range of global teacher education communities through discussion and interaction. As we all know, the pandemic has changed how we interact and we will contribute to all the new innovations and approaches in teacher education reflecting the authentic voice of teacher educators across the world and representing the best of the diversity and good practice in our different teaching contexts.

If you would like to contribute to the journal or if you have any questions at all, please do get in touch via the website or directly to me phil.dexter@pilgrimsttj.com. Guidelines for contributors are on the website and also included in this edition.

I hope you enjoy this edition. Please click on the image of The Teacher Trainer below to access the journal. The first time you open the image you may see a site map. Click on continue and this will disappear and you will continue to the digital journal. When you have opened the journal above the image you can scroll back and forward through the journal pages. Any links in the articles or the references can also be accessed.

If you are looking for the archive go to the menu on the top right hand side of the page. For the time being, more recent issues of the journal are directly available below in PDF format.

I look forward to hearing from you as both a reader/subscriber and a contributor.


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