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I am very pleased to welcome you to the third issue of the new digital Pilgrims Teacher Trainer Journal which continues to be available free to access for everyone. As I write this editorial my thoughts are very much focused on the major international events in our lives.

Firstly, we are moving into new phases in living with the COVID-19 pandemic. Our lives are beginning to return to some kind of “normality” though the virus very much remains with us and will continue to be so. There are many significant implications for this in our work as we respond to new learning realities – a return to face-to-face engagement though a very different reality remains in what we understand as blended and hybrid ways of working. What this actually means for us is a continuing challenge for everyone – learners, teachers and teacher educators. How can we deepen meaningful engagement in learning while ensure we remain healthy and safe?

Secondly, thoughts on the continued unfolding tragedy regarding the war in and on Ukraine. Who can predict the situation when you actually read this? Hopefully, we will have moved towards a peaceful resolution by then. It may seem that educational concerns are secondary to what so many people are faced with surviving, whether in Ukraine or in recreating a new life (however temporary) outside Ukraine. I know that many in our ELT profession are doing so much to support those whose lives have been so tragically uprooted. Of course, there are so many theatres of war across the world as we inevitably have our focus on Ukraine.

Two words that are much in my mind in these times are resilience and community and the Pilgrims Teacher Trainer Journal in its’ small way has always been about supporting the development of communities of practice. I do hope that we can contribute to fostering and supporting a community spirit through the sharing of ideas in our profession. Hopefully, we can do more than that but sharing, caring and contributing in ways we can is at least a start.

The Austrian psychotherapist, Viktor Frankl, was a holocaust Auschwitz survivor who lost most of his family. He dedicated his life to survivor support and ways of positively overcoming trauma through his Logotherapy approach and his celebrated work In search of meaning. Perhaps we need to see what this can mean for us all.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose that response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.” Viktor Frankl.

In this issue we have a strong international representation reflecting an important ethos of the journal: sharing and communities our different realities reflecting our work in Argentina, Germany, Greece, Italy, North Macedonia, Poland, South Africa, Turkey, Venuzuela, UK and USA. This again takes us back to our theme of communities of practice. I am really pleased to say that in this issue we also connect strongly with broader education beyond a language, including an interview looking at how CPD is planned and managed in what we may call a “feeder field” – a personal perspective from the UK National Health Service.

CORRECTION: Please note that in the article ‘Critical analysis of my trainer talk’ the correct spelling of the author is Rachel Tsateri and the email address is racheltsateri@gmail.com Apologies for the typos in the flip book version.

The Teacher Trainer Journal continues to be free to access, as is the whole back digital archive going back to 2006. We are still planning changes and watch this space for news that will be available on our website https://pilgrimsttj.com and through the usual social media channels.

We hope you find this very much another content rich edition, as we intend every edition to be. The journal is all intended to be YOUR VOICE in reflecting and sharing global ideas on teacher education.

As always, we welcome contributions for the journal, and these can be sent to me at phil.dexter@pilgrimsttj.com at any time for future publication. Please contact me for further information and details are also available on the website.


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