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I am delighted to welcome you to the relaunched The Teacher Trainer journal supporting the teacher education community in English and wider education. Scroll down to the image of the journal below to access it. I am the new editor and if I can approach anywhere near the professionalism and standards set by Tessa Woodward, Seth Lindstromberg and Marian Nicholson over 35+ years I will be very pleased indeed. In these 35 years The Teacher Trainer Journal has had a unique and high reputation for excellence as a voice of teacher education communities with a global geographical spread representing published contributions from across the world.  

It has taken quite some time to set up a new system with a new website and a new look that identifies closely with Pilgrim’s and our sister magazine – Humanising Language Teaching.

New times, though, require new approaches and innovations as we move forward as Pilgrims and as a teacher education community. Pilgrims has always been about innovation and breaking new ground as we explore what we can mean by humanistic approaches in teaching, learning and training. 

We are providing this first relaunched edition of the journal free for everyone so you can see how it will look now before you decide to subscribe – which, of course, we hope you will. The journal is now in digital format only. The cost of subscription is stated below. It is possible to subscribe now for future issues – though for now both the current issue and the back archive is freely accessible for everyone.

Our purpose for The Teacher Trainer journal is to engage fully with new innovations in teaching and learning through our website, social media and linking up directly with a  range of global teacher education communities through discussion and interaction. As we all know, the pandemic has changed how we interact and we will contribute to all the new innovations and approaches in teacher education reflecting the authentic voice of teacher educators across the world and representing the best of the diversity and good practice in our different teaching contexts.

If you would like to contribute to the journal or if you have any questions at all, please do get in touch via the website or directly to me phil.dexter@pilgrimsttj.com. Guidelines for contributors are on the website and also included in this edition.

I hope you enjoy this first new edition. Please click on the image of The Teacher Trainer below to access the journal. The first time you open the image you may see a site map. Click on continue and this will disappear and you will continue to the digital journal. When you have opened the journal above the image you can scroll back and forward through the journal pages. Any links in the articles or the references can also be accessed.

If you are looking for the archive go to the menu on the top right hand side of the page. For the time being, more recent issues of the journal are directly available below in PDF format.

I look forward to hearing from you as both a reader/subscriber and a contributor.


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Subscription to the journal will be at the annual cost for three issues at 75 Euro for an individual subscription or 150 Euro for an institutional subscription. An institutional subscriptions allows you to share with your community. You can subscribe by clicking the button below though, for now, there is free access for everyone. There is no requirement to log in while the journal remains with free access.

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