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In this issue we have a strong international representation reflecting an important ethos of the journal: we can understand and continue to learn about good practice from different contexts and share that experience based on good evidence from our different realities. Through this, we can develop a global understanding of good practice in teacher education. Our different realities in this edition once again cross a number of countries and regions – India, Germany, Poland, Turkey and UK. Though we continue to have contributions on different themes, an essential connecting theme for the journal is understanding ways of effective learning. Chaz Pugliese, our Director of Education and Teacher Training at Pilgrims has commented on how his relationship with his guitar teacher has positively contributed to his learning of the guitar and to a greater understanding of how, in all learning, we need to take responsibility for ourselves. I would like to share a similar story about my own current learning. For various reasons, I have come to driving lessons at a later stage of life. I am working on this with someone who prefers not to be called a driving instructor. His approach is, of course, to support me with “technical knowledge and understanding” in learning all about the car and driving. However, he sees our relationship and rapport as the most important factors in supporting me and embedding the skills I need. He sees his role as primarily to find ways to help me learn. I think applying this approach to education, whether for teachers or teacher educators, is so important in understanding learning processes. Of course, teachers and teacher educators need to know their subject to the highest level of expertise – however, learning is a complex process that takes time and involves many ways of learning. The essential ingredient for me in ensuring learning can happen is this relationship between the “educator and the learner”. Of course, we are all learners, and we can and do learn from each from each other in this process. And as part of this is how the learner begins and continues to take ownership of their own learning. This is a main purpose of The Pilgrims Teacher Trainer Journal. We would welcome contributions in future issues of the journal on your personal learning stories and on what has been most supportive for you.

For this edition, The Pilgrims Teacher Training Journal continues to be free to access, as is the whole back digital archive going back to 2006. We are keeping a few recent editions on the website home page with the rest of the archive available through the website when you access the flip book version. We are still planning changes and watch this space for news that will be available on our website https://pilgrimsttj.com and through the usual social media channels.

We hope you find this very much another content rich edition as we intend every edition to be so. The journal continues to be intended to be YOUR VOICE in reflecting and sharing global ideas on teacher education. In doing this, sometimes an article may seem to be a little controversial and though we strive for everything to be evidence-informed, this also means there may be strong personal views on a topic. We believe that The Pilgrims Teacher Trainer Journal should be a space for this. And, of course, we welcome debate and would very much welcome any responses to articles that we publish.

As mentioned above, as always, we welcome contributions for the journal, and these can be sent to me at phil.dexter@pilgrimsttj.com at any time for future publication. We have a style guide for contributors and it’s best if you can follow this before submitting a contribution. If you are submitting a contribution based on research, it’s important that you have the necessary permissions from anyone who has contributed to any research data. Please contact me for further information and details are also available on the website.


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